Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez has worked as a software engineer and technology leader at companies ranging from small startups, to mid-sized places, through IPOs, to enterprise giants. Jose is currently a senior software engineer at Netflix.

The Show Must Go On: Securing Netflix Studios At Scale

I'm proud to share this success story about how Netflix approaches infrastructure product development, security partnership, and building in a way that supports our “context not control” culture.

How New Relic Does DevOps

At New Relic, DevOps is an integral part of how we operate—different teams collaborating to help foster more frequent deploys, faster issue resolution, and more stability and innovation across the organization.

FutureStack16 Talk: Containers, DevOps, Microservices, & Kafka Tools

I gave a talk with my colleague Jonathan Owens on how we used containers, devops, microservices, and Kafka to break up the New Relic monolith. This talk took place at New Relic's FutureStack 2016 conference in San Francisco.